About Us

Optimal Risk has been a pioneer in the security and risk management industry with a national presence spanning over 25 years. With unparalleled experience and knowledge in the security landscape, our team of professionals have set the gold standard for excellence in the industry.

Our extensive technical expertise, comprehensive market knowledge and a team of renowned industry masterminds has put us in a position to offer businesses of all sizes, critical national infrastructure, banks, and High Net Worth Individuals with insightful and practical advice. Our team of specialists also design and deliver accredited, CPD, and highly specialised courses through Optimal Risk Training.

At Optimal Risk, we prioritise developing strong, long-term relationships with our clients. We’re always looking to expand our horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the security and risk management landscape.


Our work process

01 Analyse

Our Pen Test teams are experts at simulating real-world attacks on your systems. This allows us to give you an accurate picture of your current security program and where you may be vulnerable to attack.

02 Prepare

With this information, we create a detailed multidisciplinary approach on how to shore up your defenses and ensure your security program is effective.

03 Secure

Our team’s actionable insights and strategic roadmap encompasses a security posture that will help you build a fortress around your systems that can withstand any security risk.

Meet our team

Meet our team of seasoned industry pros who come from all backgrounds including Military, police, and government.

Strategic Advisory Council

Leaders from security, technology, media, intelligence, and law enforcement backgrounds to guide our clients through every emerging corporate risk and threat facing their businesses.

Richard West

Operational Risk Management Specialist

Dr Samantha Newbery

Counter-Terrorism & Intelligence Specialist

Anna Averkiou

International Media & Crisis Communications Specialist

Nigel Carpenter

Security Risk Management & CSR Specialist

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