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Private Client Forum and National Rural Crime Conference

The last week of June 2023 saw Optimal Risk Group lead two pioneering events, bringing together key stakeholders and thought leaders from different sectors of the security industry.

On 27th June, Optimal Risk in partnership with its environmental crime protection arm, Enfortis, co-hosted the National Rural Crime Conference with the NRCN. On the following Thursday, 29th June, they held the inaugural conference for the Private Client Security Forum (PCSF), a network of 7 leading security businesses brought together by Optimal Risk.

Both the events provided valuable platforms for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the exploration of innovative solutions to address pressing security challenges.

Private Client Security Forum (PCSF)

The PCSF represents a collaboration between seven leading security businesses, including Optimal Risk Group, Egnyte, IC2, Kensington SDW, Gallagher Security, SelectaDNA, and Salt Communications. These market leaders have joined hands to collectively redefine industry standards and share specialist knowledge with private clients and their trusted advisors.

The Forum represents the best of each security sector. Cyber Communications, Physical infrastructure, Asset marking, Technology manufacturing, and installing all tied together by empathetic security risk management specialists who understand the fears and needs of private clients and their families.

The first ever Private Client Security Forum conference, hosted at the Pewterer’s Hall, London, made a lasting impact on not just the security industry but also the private client sector. This invitation-only event allowed sharing of the best and most valuable insights from latest technological advancements, risk management intelligence, data protection advice, and more aspects relevant to the private clientele.

The conference was a huge success and first of many more PCSF events to come. In the meantime, the PCSF has a closed LinkedIn Group where all the private client sector professionals can connect and liaise with one another as well as the seven leading businesses forming the Forum. If you would like to be a part of the forum, reach out to Rick Mounfield, Director at Optimal Risk Group.

National Rural Crime Conference

Much like the private client sector, rural crime protection is another area that needs collaborative and innovative solutions. This is why Optimal Risk Group and Enfortis partnered with the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN) to co-host the first National Rural Crime Conference. The collaboration was aimed at supporting the shared vision of creating safer and more resilient rural communities.

The conference was held at the Institute of Directors, London, and brought together key stakeholders from rural communities, law enforcement agencies, government representatives, and industry specialists to engage in discussions and collectively work towards tackling rural crime. The event was a great success with speakers and delegates sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices with each other.

Through the conference, attendees gained valuable insights, discovered effective strategies, and built connections to help drive change in their respective sectors and areas.

As a leader in the security industry, Optimal Risk Group has consistently taken initiatives to elevate industry standards and enhance public security. In addition to spearheading innovative programmes and collaborations, we run many digital initiatives aimed at knowledge sharing and collective professional development. Every other Friday we host Optimal Talks, a space where we invite successful individuals from different walks of lives and backgrounds to share their journeys and lessons with all of us. We also share industry specialist advice through Optimal Minds, one of our many social media campaigns. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to take advantage of our thought leadership pieces and stay up-to-date with our initiatives.

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