Our Services

Optimal Risk Group provides tailored risk management solutions across diverse sectors. We offer trusted confidential support from the boardroom through to field operations. Our approach is to support you becoming a resilient organisation that is prepared to respond effectively to any strategic or operational risk.


Understanding quantifiable threats to a business or person and identifying their vulnerabilities to those threats. Read more

Assessing the risk to an asset, property or home to mitigate the threats by identifying and reducing vulnerabilities. Read more

Testing the provision of Security by auditing personnel, physical security infrastructure and policies to assess the quality of the protection provided. Read more

Gathering facts of evidential value through careful examination of digital and physical information. Read more

An exercise to simulate a criminal attempt to access a building or facility. Identifying the weak spots in defence so that they can be addressed and the Risk reduced. Read more

Discreet personal protection that enables an unrestricted lifestyle, sure in the knowledge that a Professional Officer is ensuring your safety. Read more

Discreet Close Protection services that ensure the security and integrity of your home. Privacy and risk management is assured. Read more

Providing the protective concierge team that enhances an event where soft skills and empathy augment safety and security. Read more

Evidentially focussed investigators conducting surveillance to support and address legal challenges in the corporate and private sectors. Read more

Moving your most valued assets without the fuss. Fully insured and thoroughly planned to ensure discretion and security. Read more



Deep data investigations to ascertain our clients digital footprint and the risks posed by open source data. Read more

 Connecting the entities available through open source intelligence, optimising the evidence obtained via traditional methods. Read more

Creating cost effective systems that provide evidentially viable surveillance footage to support an investigation.

Our Support

Why you can trust us and our expertise in securing businesses.

We have three Chartered Security Professionals in our strategic planning capability and a significant team of operational specialists who have decades of practical experience delivering the highest quality services for our clients. We only offer services that we know we can deliver ethically and sustainably with our own cohort of known and trusted people.

Our passion and enthusiasm is balanced by our processes and carefully considered planning. We believe that we optimise opportunities for our clients when we manage their risk, limiting their vulnerabilities and thereby ensuring their resilience to threats, both man made and natural.

Specialised Departments

Our Commitment

Security is simply problem solving to manage threats and vulnerabilities to an acceptable level. However, the ability to enable the security solution, requires a capability that includes people with professional knowledge and experience wrapped up in a desire to protect others; a genuine protective instinct. The leaders in the Optimal Risk Group are each committed to creating authentic services delivered with honesty and empathy. The departments they lead are highly capable and subscribe to the organisational culture.

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