Digital Investigations

Optimal Risk Group provide various corporate and private digital investigative services across the digital space which involves the process of collecting and analysing information from various online sources to investigate and gather intelligence about individuals, organisations, or events. This service involves the use of online tools, techniques, and methods to gather, verify, and analyse data from online platforms, websites, social media, online forums, public records, and other digital sources.

Conducted by experienced professionals trained in utilising online resources and techniques to gather information legally and ethically, online investigations can be used in various contexts, including supporting security risk assessments, corporate investigations, due diligence, brand protection, and threat intelligence.

The process of digital investigation may involve several steps, including information gathering, data analysis, verification, and reporting. This may include searching for online information, examining online profiles, analysing social media posts, tracking online activities, and using advanced online tools and techniques to uncover relevant information.

The findings of a digital investigation can be used to identify individuals or entities involved in online activities, gather evidence for legal proceedings, assess potential risks or threats, uncover patterns or trends, and support decision-making in various contexts. Digital investigations play a crucial role in modern investigations, intelligence gathering, and risk management, helping to uncover insights and information that can be valuable in making informed decisions or taking appropriate actions.

Technical Surveillance

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