The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has completed 5 years of research into security culture and security behaviour.

From this they have developed a simple, comprehensive yet practical framework for how to embed security behaviours and create an environment that sustains these within organisations which we want to share here. The 5 Es.

“An effective protective security regime relies on the successful coordination and integration of physical, cyber and people related security measures.”

Employees can act as a protective measure in their own right, playing a significant role in the detection, deterrence and prevention of
potential security threats for organisations and the 5 Es framework has been designed to help.

With the return to work after the pandemic lockout, it’s a good time to reinforce security consciousness in employees, as new working practices are likely to be in place, and establish a work environment that can sustain this for the long term.

There are so many influences on behaviour that no one solution fits all. Optimal Risk have been advising in this field for many decades to create tailor made risk management solutions. But there are some key principles that can help all organisations in their thinking about security.

The 5 Es Framework:

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